overlock sewing machine

Why Do You Need Overlock Sewing Machine?

Your need for an overlock machine depends on your given sewing requirements. For instance, if you need a machine for occasional sewing, then it may not be necessary. On the other hand, if you have many sewing projects, then an overlocker is what you require.

You should note that overlock sewing machines can trim the excess seam and stitch edges with a single step. Also, the machine is quite fast and can sew up to 1800 stitches in a minute. This is more than twice speed of regular sewing machines.

Also, an overlock sewing machine can provide the professional touch you need. You can use the machine to attach elastics. Remember that these sewing machines offer the much-needed versatility when dealing with many projects. Also, you can use it for rolled hemming and decorative edging.

How to Pick the Best Overlock Sewing Machine?


This is an important thing to consider when choosing an overlock sewing machine. Ideally, it tells you how effective and fast your machine is. It is a good idea to get a powerful overlock sewing machine. That is because it allows you to carry out different projects on many types of fabrics. Some machines also have high stitching speed that makes it possible for you to work faster.


An important thing to consider when buying an overlock sewing machine is its price. You should take your time to compare different models and choose what is within the budget. Ensure you get a machine that offers you value. Ideally, you need to get the perfect machine for the money.


Overlock Sewing Machine

Stitch Capacity

You should note that overlock sewing machines have different stitch capacities. It is advisable to get one with a higher capacity. This can allow you to create strong fabric edges. Remember that you may need to combine different stitch patterns. Thus, a large capacity can offer you a lot of options you can work with.

Critical Features

The truth is that your overlock sewing machine will have lots of features and functions that can make you productive and user-friendly. For instance, some machines come with automatic threading whereas others do not.

Another vital feature to consider is the ability to adjust tension. That is because it provides you better control and provides a smooth line of stitching. Also, you need to consider the differential feed. This allows you to adjust feed dogs to keep the knits and even stretchy fabrics stretching or bunching.


You should note that an overlock machine is not a stand-alone sewing machine. It must be used with other sewing machines. Therefore, when choosing one, you should take into account how you will use it. For instance, you can use it for finishing edges, hemming, and seams. For coverstitch work, you should find a machine that supports 5 threads at the same time.…

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